Tests of KSOG-4K Complex

Back in early December 2018, our plant proposed for consideration and approval by Ukrtransgaz JSC the Terms of Reference for the development and manufacture of a modern automatic gas odorizer. After discussion and introduction of the corrections to the TOR proposed by Ukrtransgaz JSC, the plant  Kontakt LLC has received approval of the Terms of Reference and the Test Program.

The drawings of the complex were developed at a great pace, the search and purchase of parts, including imported ones, were conducted.  Assembly and factory tests of the units and settings were performed by the leading specialists of the plant who have many years of experience.  However, even for them, the work with the “four” was not easy because it was the first Odorizer of such a level of complexity.

At the same time in Kharkiv, the leading specialists of  Systems LLC were developing a new processor control system for the KSOG-4K complex.  It was necessary to program the joint operation of many elements of the system plus establish and work out a range of warning and alarm signals.

In the spring of 2019, the technological unit KSOG-4K was connected to the control system, the complex started working in the mean time to failure mode during 30 thousand hours of uninterrupted operation the tests and setting up of the complex were conducted.

Finally, on January 10 and 11 the specialists of our plant, together with partners of Systems LLC (Kharkiv), presented a new representative of the range of odorizers of their own development, the automatic gas odorizing complex KSOG-4K.

In the presence of the commission, which included leading technical experts in industrial and chemical safety and certification conducted a bench testing complex KSOG-4K where the commission studied the design and operational documentation and checked its compliance with regulations and standards. They studied and checked the complex for its compliance with the technical specification and conducted a full cycle of checks according to the Program and Methods of Bench Tests agreed by Ukrtransgaz JSC.

Based on the results of the bench tests of KCOG-4K Complex, the Commission concluded that KCOG-4K meets the requirements of existing regulatory documents and technical specifications.  The signed act confirming the bench tests is a significant basis for the use of KSOG-4K in the operation of the gas transportation system of Ukraine and not only.

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