Spare parts and repair kits

Kontakt LLC, the gas equipment plant, produces a wide range of repair kits, spare parts and accessories for gas equipment.

You can order from us the components for all types of equipment:

  • RD, RDU, RD-M, RDU-T and RDO-E gas pressure regulators.
  • KSOG-1K, KSOG-2K, KSOG-3K and KSOG-4K gas odorizing complexes.
  • Setting devices.
  • Shutoff valves.
  • Ball valves.

SPTA and repair kits include wearing parts and general mechanical rubber goods such as rings, seals, membranes and gaskets.

SPTA and repair kits are supplied by the plant by order, as a separate item for the maintenance of your gas equipment.

The SPTA and repair kits composition is additionally agreed with the customer.