Сontrol unit
Сontrol unit

The M9501- control unit is the equipment for maintaining the set level of natural gas pressure according to GOST 5542-87.


The unit can be used as a setting device for pneumatically loaded direct-acting high pressure gas regulators as well as for supplying high and medium pressure gas to low-consumption consumers.


Natural gas, before entering the unit, must be cleaned of mechanical impurities of 20 microns and more and liquid droplets.

The nominal values of climatic factors according to GOST 15150-69 for products of this type is climatic version IV.

You can order the M9501- control unit for operation at the facility with different temperature conditions.  The minimum allowable air temperature is -30°С for five days in a row.

Technical Specifications Сontrol unit
Name of the main parameters Technical Specifications
Nominal diameter, mm4
Gas pressure:
At the input to the unit, not more, MPa10
At the output from the unit, MPa 0,1...1,2
Overall dimensions with connecting fittings, mm135х195х165
Weight, not more, kg7