The KSOG manual gas odorizer has been developed

In 2004, the design and engineering department started working on a new problem solution, namely the development of odorizers for the low-flow gas distribution stations.

It would be irrational to install automated odorizing systems at such gas distribution stations, therefore the Kontact LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant,  develops and launches in sales a manual gas odorizer.

Equipment of the KSOG type is used to supply the  required dose of odorant in the gas stream.  Due to odorization, the gas acquires a specific odor that helps to detect leaks on time.


The odorization volume is set in manual mode. A special needle valve is used for dosing. The odorant is dosed in proportion to the level of natural gas consumption at a particular facility. The KSOG design allows visual control of the odorant volume in the complex and the dosing quality.

Today the manual gas odorizer is called KSOG-1K. It is used at low-flow gas distribution stations, where the installation of expensive automatic odorization may not be cost-effective.

The Kontact LLC continues production and sale of the first generation models and develops on its basis automated modifications.

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