The launch of hydraulic equipment production

The Kontact LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant, starts the production of hydraulic jacks and automatic hydraulic presses. The equipment is produced in a wide range of characteristics, so different models are used in industry, production enterprises and construction.


Hydraulic jacks of such modifications are launched into production:

Single acting and double acting.

It has a thrust force from 5 to 650 tons.

With single and telescopic lift.

Autonomous models and equipment operating on an external power supply.


Jack cylinders are capable of handling high radial rod loads. Increased resistance to loads of this type has been achieved by fitting them with multiple seals and high-density guide support rings.

The plant also started the production of automatic hydraulic presses for the production of building and facing bricks, sidewalk tiles and decorative curbs from dry mixes. Double acting hydraulic presses and hydraulic jacks became popular in the domestic market, in Russia, Moldova and other CIS countries.

Kontakt LLC offers commercial cooperation to all those interested in the equipment of this category.

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