Gas regulation point GRP
Gas regulation point GRP

2GRP 10/0.002 gas regulation point is equipment for supplying natural gas of the required degree of purification and odorization from the main gas pipeline to an individual consumer.

Main application: supply of the household natural gas to the operator’s house, which is a part of the GDS.

Gas regulation point is designed in climatic modification “Y” category 3 according to GOST 15150-69.


You can use 2GRP 10/0.002 gas regulating point as a farm GDS if you order an additional complete set of the counter and the system of automation and parameter control.

Technical Specifications GRP
Name of the main parameters Values
Input pressure, MPaот 1,2 до 10
Output pressure, MPa0,002
Admissible error %+10
Operating mediumNatural gas according to GOST 5542-87
Number of gas reduction lines1
Number of bypass lines1
Working line capacity under normal conditions according to GOST 2939-63. m3/h10
The connecting dimensions: Input branch pipe, DN. mm10
Output branch pipe, G. inch1
Connection of the input branch pipewelded
Connection of the output branch pipe. threadedG=1
Weight, not more than. kg230