Start of production of new KSOG-2K odorizing complex

In 2007 the production of KSOG-2K odorizing complexes started. Automatic modification of the equipment was developed on the basis of the popular KSOG-1K manual odorizing complexes.

The Kontact LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant, produces an improved model that can work in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes.


In contrast to the previous generation equipment, KSOG-2K regulates the level of odorization automatically. Dosing is determined by the volume of gas consumed at the facility.

Due to the flow sensor and the electromagnetic valve, the equipment allows reading and accumulating accurate data on the odorant flow rate.

The non-volatile memory saves the flow rate information obtained during readings of different frequencies.

Electromagnetic valve of KE-d-16 type, liquid flow sensor DP-6.3 and control panel of the complex were certified in the Donetsk test center and received 1ЕxdIIAT3 marking. Explosion protection certificates No.2410 and No.2412 were granted for the equipment.

We will be glad to cooperate in this direction!


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