Setting devices for pressure regulators

We manufacture and sell different types of setting devices pilots for pressure regulators.

The Kontakt LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant offers four types of devices to keep the set level of natural gas pressure according to GOST 5542-87, namely: the M9501- control unit and three modifications of ZU-2-02, ZU-3 and ZU-1 setting devices.

The ZU-1 setting device is represented by a system with a differential pressure reducer and an amplifier. The equipment is manufactured in standard configuration and for individual customer’s specifications.

You can order from us the pressure reducers for automatic control of pressure regulators. We produce AYAD 2.954.092 model and upgraded equipment with an increased output pressure control range.

For controlling the pressure regulator as a part of the automatic control software and hardware complex, we offer the EPU-M5 electric drive pressure regulator control unit.