Manual KRP straight-way ball valve
Manual KRP straight-way ball valve

Straight-way ball valves of the KRP type are designed for installation on pipelines transporting non-aggressive gaseous medium with temperatures up to 100 ° C., on the lines of technical control, etc.

You can buy a manual straight-way ball valve of the KRP type in different modifications.

According to your order, we can design and manufacture a valve with the required parameters and design features from DN 20 to DN 300 with a nominal pressure from PN 1 to PN 320 kgf/cm2.

Technical Specifications Manual KRP straight-way ball valve
Name of the main parameters 10-50 KRP 10-80 KRP 10-100 KRP 16-50 KRP 16-80 KRP 16-100 KRP
Nominal diameter DN, mm50801005080100
Nominal pressure PN, MPa 8,0 8,0 8,016,016,016,0
Transported medium Natural gas
The temperature of the transported medium oС Up to +80
Tightness of the shutoff valve according to the 1st class of GOST 9544-75