Continuous improvement
Trust and Integrity
Social Responsibility
We produce equipment that meets the current requests of the gas industry
We strive to achieve European quality standards
Continuous improvement
The introduction of advanced technologies makes it possible to increase the quality of our products to the European level
Trust and Integrity
We build a partnership based on trust and competence
Social Responsibility
We contribute to the development of the city and society
The maximum efficiency of our solutions is the symbiosis of the personal contribution of each staff member with the responsibility of teamwork
Our team can produce unique and innovative solutions for you
Kontakt LLC Values
The history of the development of Kontakt LLC, the gas equipment plant

The company was founded in 1991 as a small engineering enterprise. Since its foundation, cooperation with research institutes of the gas industry has become the most important direction of our activity. This partnership has become an important step on the way to the development and formation of our Kontakt LLC plant.


Our plant specialists have mastered the production of direct-flow gas regulators of the RDU type for pressures of 6.3 and 10 MPa. Over time, a new regulator of the RDM type was developed as well as the product line of this product was extended from DN15 to DN150 diameters.

Our company was the first in Ukraine to offer a comprehensive approach to gas odorizing systems. Thus, a manual and then an automatic odorizing complex of the KSOG type was developed.


We continuously modernized our production and expanded the range of gas equipment. Due to our strong material and technical base, we have established the production of non-standard equipment according to our customers’ design drawings. You can order from us the manufacture of simple designs and complex knowledge-intensive products.


The Kontact LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant has become a reliable partner for enterprises of the gas industry, machine building, metallurgy and other spheres of industry.

Today we not only produce but also develop equipment that solves the topical problems of our partners.

The foundation of the company and production of the first batch of gas pressure regulators of the RDU 100/100 type
Production of pressure regulators of the RDU type of three standard sizes
Development of production and manufacture of the first batches of gas pressure regulators of the RD-M (RDKM) type of several standard sizes
Modernization and expansion of the standard-size line of the RD-M pressure regulators
The first patented invention, the KZZ-80 protection valve
Development of RDU-T pressure regulator with heat generator and KSOG-1K manual odorizer
Development, manufacture and sale of two modifications of AGRSM-1500 "Donbass" and development of KSOG-2K automated odorizer
Development and manufacture of regulators of the RDU type with DU15 and DU25
Development of KSOG-3K automatic valve odorizer
Expansion of the range of gas pressure regulators of RDU, RDU-T and RD-M types
Development of a new generation automatic odorizer of the KSOG-4K type
Development and manufacture of the GZRP hydraulic loading and unloading machine GZRP
2020 I
Development and manufacture of an additional standard sizes and KSOG-4K odorizers
2020 II
Development of a modern modular gas pressure regulator of the RTBK type
About the company

The Kontact LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant develops and manufactures equipment for gas pipelines and industrial enterprises.

Our team consists of highly qualified staff and engineering specialists who thoroughly know and love their job. Due to our design and engineering department as well as quality management center, we are continuously improving our products and introducing new technical developments.


In 2007-2008, the company successfully implemented a program of full computerization of design work and a quality management system.

We build business relationships based on honesty, trust and professionalism. We are chosen as a reliable partner for major enterprises in the gas industry, machine building, metallurgical and other industries.


We are professionals, so we are trusted:

Due to our own production facilities, we perform the entire production cycle from processing materials to the assembly of complete sets.

The quality of our products meets high standards.

We use reliable components of foreign enterprises or our own production.

Fast delivery and warranty service of gas equipment.

Reasonable prices for the entire model range.

The main directions of our activity:


Gas equipment for high pressure pipelines. We produce gas pressure regulators and setting devices, gas odorizing complexes, some equipment for CNG stations, shutoff valves and other products for the gas industry.


Mining equipment such as components, control units and shutoff valves for operation in industrial complexes with hydraulic systems.


Hydraulic lifting equipment: hydraulic supports and hydraulic cylinders.


Non-standard equipment according to our customers’ design drawings. You can order equipment of any complexity and functionality from us.


Our advantages:
200+ regular customers
30 years in the market
470 varieties of products
1200+ orders per year
200+ regular customers
30 years in the market
470 varieties of products
1200+ orders per year