Non-standard equipment

Non-standard products and one time orders

The Kontakt LLC plant takes orders for the manufacturing of non-standard equipment according to the customer’s design drawings.

We manufacture both simple and unique high-tech products with complex designs.

To determine the possibility of manufacturing equipment or parts, send the technical drawings to this email address:


Technological capabilities:

  • Lathe processing using universal machines. The maximum dimensions of the workpieces as follows, external diameter is up to 1100mm and length is up to 2000mm.
  • Processing on milling machines 6R13 and others.
  • Lathe processing on CNC machines. Machining equipment is made by Samsung. The maximum dimensions of the workpiece are as follows, the external diameter is 450mm, length is 530mm and the accuracy does not exceed 0.005mm.
  • Different types of grinding work: Flat surface grinding and cylindrical grinding.
  • Boring and coordinate works.
  • Radial drilling work.
  • Heat treatment.
  • Welding and surfacing work. Welding with an electrode or wire in a gas environment (semi-automatic machine), including argon.
  • Tests on hydraulic machines up to 40 MPa and pneumatic machines.