Automatic gas odorizing complex KSOG-4K
Automatic gas odorizing complex KSOG-4K

Kontakt LLC has developed and put into serial production the gas odorizing complexes of the KSOG-4K in several modifications adapted for operating conditions and requirements of a particular customer.

Purpose of the equipment:

The automatic complex of gas odorization KCOG-4K is designed for the dosed supply of odorant, ethyl mercaptan – C2H5SH or mixture of mercaptans to the natural gas flow supplied to consumers to provide odorization for timely leakage detection.

The complex KCOG-4K is used as an automatic gas odorizing unit at gas distribution stations (GDS) for enterprises and settlements, as well as for CNG filling stations.

The main functions of KSOG-4K:

The automatic odorization process is provided by the joint operation of the dosing membrane pump MLEx and a WDK micro flow meter manufactured by Bilfinger EMS GmbH, Germany, by changing the time interval between the dosing of odorant, strictly depending on the gas volume flowing through the pipeline.

The KSOG-4K complex provides the required degree of odorization for all types of the odorant, from 5 to 32 g/1000 m.

According to individual requirements, the volume of odorant can be changed depending on the customer’s needs.

The set of the KSOG-4K complex is subject to mandatory agreement with the Customer before delivery and can be changed depending on the specific conditions of the facility operation.

The KSOG-4K odorizing equipment of its own design by the Kontact LLC has all necessary authorization documents and Certificates (get more detailed).

Technical Specifications of KSOG-4K
Name of the main parameters The Value
Working pressure, MPa, not more than1,6
Odorant typeethyl mercaptan (С2Н5SН), a mixture of natural mercaptans (SPM-1), tetrahydrothiophene (С4Н8S)
Odorization rate, g/1000 nm3, within limits5…16 (for С2Н5SН) 16…32 (for С4Н8S)
Relative deviation of the odorization rate, %± 2
Odorized gas flow range, nm3/year50 - 20,000 (MLEx026.4/6 pump)
Odorant storage capacity, liter Depending on modification
Power supply voltage of cabinet heating (frequency 50±1 Hz), V220 +22 -33
Operational and backup power supply voltage, V24 ±4
Electric power consumption excluding cabinet heating during the winter period, W, not more than100
Electric power consumption of the heating system during the winter period, W, not more than600
Diaphragm metering pump with electromagnetic drive The pump capacity is selected according to the gas distribution station's actual flow rateMLEx 026 4/6
Micro flow meterWDK 5.2 Gr1
Weight, kg, not more than1300
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than
Cabinet 1745 х 1372 х 2000
Control unit200 х 440 х 620
Design model of the complex KSOG-4K