AGRSM-1500 "Donbass"
AGRSM-1500 "Donbass"

AGRSM-1500 “Donbass” are automatic and automated gas distribution stations of small capacity, up to 2000 nm3/hour.

They are designed to supply medium pressure gas to the CNG filling stations.

The equipment can be ordered for installation at the operating gas distribution stations and gas supply to small settlements. Gas distribution stations are easy to maintain and operate.

AGRSM-1500 provides the following main functions:

Characteristics of equipment, fittings, pipelines, instrumentation, materials and other elements supplied for AGRSM meet the standards and requirements of regulatory documents on safety, health, explosion and fire safety, etc., used in the design of GDS.

Equipment completeness, reliability level, level of automation, telemechanics, etc., as well as AGRSM operation parameters, automatically ensure a continuous technological process of gas supply to the consumer with the required parameters.

AGRSM consists of a technological unit, which includes two reduction threads with a common filter for the gas purification, a metering assembly unit and a gas odorization unit. The I&C unit is supplied upon agreement with the customer.

The installation of AGDSM equipment is performed on a supporting frame in the form of a monoblock, containing block units, technological and metering units. The odorizing and I&C units are made in the form of separate assembled units of the cabinet design. The odorizing unit is installed at the output of the technological unit.

We can offer you three designs of AGRSM:

In the AGDSM-1500-3 design version, the block boxes protect the equipment from the effects of atmospheric factors and consist of the following elements and systems:

The dimensions of the block box allow its transportation by rail and road transport.

The used odorizer is completed with a deodorizer to ensure the neutralization of odorant vapors at small pressure drops at the input and output of the automated gas distribution station when the application of an ejector is impossible.

The first manufactured AGRS-1500 has already been delivered and installed in the Zakarpattia region.

You can choose the configuration yourself, taking into account the specific technical characteristics and operating conditions. To determine the appropriate configuration, use our questionnaire. We draw up a contract for AGRSM delivery, taking into account the selected parameters and technical characteristics.