Development of gas pressure regulator with the heat generator

In 2004 the Kontakt LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant, developed and launched the sale of the gas pressure regulator with heat generator of the RDU-T type.

Gas pressure regulators of RDU-T type are designed for the automatic gas pressure regulation “after itself” at the facilities of high-pressure gas pipelines. The equipment completely solves the problem of heating of the shutoff and regulating unit.

Warming in the gas throttling zone is provided by installed heat generators, which do not need an external energy source. They use part of the kinetic and potential energy of the compressed natural gas in the main pipeline.

Thanks to regulators with a heat generator, it is possible to exclude the use of homemade and potentially dangerous water and electric type heaters at small gas distribution stations.

For remote control and precise regulation of the output pressure, software and hardware complexes are installed. For the automatic shutdown of the pressure regulator, a 1KO-100/50 valve is installed. It excludes the occurrence of emergencies when supplying gas to consumers.

of the compressed natural gas in the main pipeline.

RDU-T regulators can be installed at such facilities of high-pressure gas pipelines:

– Gas distribution stations.

– Gas purification installations.

– Compressor stations.

– Gas fields.

If you are interested in RDU equipment with a heat generator, we invite you to cooperate with our plant,  Kontakt LLC.

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