KShTs trunnion ball valve
KShTs trunnion ball valve

Ball valves with supporting a pivot point, like on an old cannon of the KShTs type are designed for shutting off the pipe channel of drill pipes to prevent the occurrence of open gushers or in the process of their elimination during drilling of oil and gas wells.

You can order a KShTs trunnion ball valve in one of three modifications with different diameters with a flow-through opening and different load capacity.

Technical Specifications KShTs trunnion ball valve
Name of the main parameters KShTs - 146 KShTs - 155 KShTs - 178
Conducted mediumFlushing liquid, gas, oil, condensate
Flushing liquid, gas, oil, condensate any
Pressure, kgf/cm2 Operating350
Pressure, kgf/cm2Testing525
Loading capacity, tf193183276
Diameter of flow-through opening, mm 606880
Overall dimensions, mm
Outer diameter146155178
Service life, hour800
Weight, kg354155
Connection thread of nipple and socket ends, tool-joint thread according to GOST 5286-753-121 3-1333-147
Maximal pressure at which it is possible to operate the valve manually without counter pressure "from above", kgf/cm2100