Automatic gas odorizing complex KSOG-3K
Automatic gas odorizing complex KSOG-3K

The gas odorizing complex is designed for the dosed supply of odorant to the natural gas flow supplied to consumers to provide odorization for timely leakage detection.

Regulation of gas odorization degree is performed by an automatic control system by changing the time interval between doses of the odorant depending on the volume of gas passing through the pipeline.

Dosing is performed by using the electromagnetic valve. Dosing is controlled by the odorant flow sensor. An additional protection valve is also provided.

The algorithm of KSOG-3K operation in automatic mode is the following:

  • Readout of information about the current gas flow rate from the flowmeter (of any type). Calculation of the dosing period (time interval between doses) based on the information about the current gas flow rate, the set values of the odorant consumption rate (g/1000m3) and the dose of odorant (g).
  • Delivery of a 3 seconds long impulse to the protection valve (the odorant flows through the filter and the protection valve into the automatic dosing line).
  • Delivery of a 1 second long impulse to the dosing valve (the fixed dose of odorant enters the gas pipeline).
  • Receiving from the flow sensor confirmation of the passing of the odorant dose.
  • Recording and accumulating the data of the odorant consumption in the internal archive of the nonvolatile memory.

Besides, the KSOG-3K provides the following functions:

Technical Specifications of KSOG-3K
Name of the main parameters 1KSOG-3K model 2KSOG-3K model
Working pressure, MPa, not more than1,66,3
Volume of the operational tank, l50 - 75 - 10050 - 75 - 100
Volume of the consumable tank, l1
Odorant consumption, g/1000m36 ... 16
Minimum flow rate of the odorized gas at the odorizing facility, m3/hour100
Maximum odorizing gas flow rate at the odorizing facility, m3/hour150 000
Device power supply voltage, V12+2,4
Maximum power consumption, W, not more than30
Branch pipes connection dimensions DN, mm10
Overall dimensions of the complex of 01 version, mm Length Width Height1125 х 1740 х 20501125 х 1740 х 2050
Weight, kg, not more than260 - 290 - 330280 - 310 - 350
Dimensional diagram and mounting on KSOG-3K