The first invention, shutoff safety valve KZZ-80

In 2002 Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC offered the Kontact LLC to find a technical solution to the leakage problem of non-aggressive gases through shutoff valves on the gas pipeline sections.

Specialists of the engineering and design department accepted the offer and started work on a new project.


The result of the fruitful work of our specialists was the development of a new type of shutoff valve, the KZZ-80 protection valve.

The developed design completely eliminated the risk of uncontrolled gas leakage through the shutoff valve.


The valves are installed behind the shutoff valves (ball valve or gate valve). The KZZ-80 protective valve can be mounted on the main pipeline and the bypass pipelines of GRS.


KZZ-80 shutoff valve has become the first patented invention of Druzhkovsky gas equipment plant named Kontakt LLC. This invention gained two declaration patents No.54974 A dated March 17, 2003, and No.62370 A dated December 15, 2003.

The Kontakt LLC is open for cooperation in this direction of production.

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