One-time parts production according to the customer's design drawings
One-time parts production according to the customer's design drawings

The Kontact LLC plant takes orders for the manufacturing of non-standard equipment, parts and units according to the customer’s design drawings and technical specifications permanently.

When it is required, the engineering and design department is developing a complete set of design documentation with suggestions of several options for the design and performance of the technological process.

Thus, engineers had to deal with the design and manufacture of analogs of imported pneumatic cylinders, repair of units of the obsolete equipment for which the documentation was no longer retained by the customer, and produce parts from a worn sample.

The production of the non-standard and unique (one-time) units takes much more time and intellectual resources than the production of the well established mass production batch, that is why not all enterprises of mechanical engineering are dealing with this type of work. The enterprises of various industries both from our region and other regions of Ukraine apply to us.

Manufacturing batches of parts from complex alloys.

Manufacturing of metal structures according to the specifications of public organizations of the city.