POM cleaning magnetic piston
POM cleaning magnetic piston

POM cleaning magnetic piston is the equipment for fine cleaning of the cavity of operating pipelines from liquid and solid contamination, including metallic impurities.

It is suitable for cleaning gas, condensate and oil pipelines. It can be used for the cleaning followed by the passage of diagnostic tools to obtain information on the conditions of the pipeline wall, such as the presence of internal defects, corrosion damage, etc.

When used regularly, the cleaning piston can maintain a pipeline hydraulic efficiency factor of up to 99%.

POM pistons are designed for multiple uses.

By ordering the POM cleaning magnetic piston, you get the equipment with increased service life.

This is achieved through the use of imported polyurethane materials that are more durable compared to their domestic analogs.

Technical Specifications POM
Name of the main parameters POM-500 POM-700 POM-1000 POM-1200 POM-1400
Nominal diameter of pipeline DN, mm500700100012001400
Minimum turning radius, mm, 3DN15002100300036004200
Operating pressure, kgf/cm27575757575
Number of magnets48121616
Weight, kg35068088012401670