ZU-1 setting device
ZU-1 setting device

The ZU-1 setting device is a system consisting of an RP-1 differential pressure reducer and a US-1 amplifier.  The equipment is designed to control the operation of the regulator’s actuator.

The purpose of the RP-1 differential pressure reducer is to reduce high pressure and maintain a constant differential between the amplifier power supply pressure and the output pressure.

The purpose of the US-1 amplifier is to control the operation of the actuator of the URD type regulator by supplying control pressure into the actuator’s drive chamber. The amplifier continuously measures the output pressure value, compares it with the set value at setup and if the output pressure is off from the set value, changes the control pressure.

You can order the ZU-1 setting device of standard configuration to equip the regulators of the URD 100/100 and URD 63/100 types. The design version of the setting device can be changed according to the technical specification of the customer.

Technical Specifications ZU-1 setting device
Name of the main parameters Technical Specifications
Nominal pressure, kg/cm2100
Input pressure at the regulator1.2:7.5
Output pressure at the regulator:
Option 1 (gray spring)0.2:0.6
Option 2 (red spring)0.6:1.6
Output pressure maintenance accuracy, %+5
Ambient temperature, t от -40o до +50o