KZZ-80 shutoff protection valve
KZZ-80 shutoff protection valve

Shutoff protection valves of the KZZ-80 type are designed for the complete elimination of non-aggressive gas leakage through the shutter of shutoff valves on the discharge gas vents of main gas pipelines.

The valves are mounted directly behind the shutoff valve, such as the gate or ball valve of the discharge gas vent of the main gas pipeline or bypass.

The valves are made in the climatic design “U” category 1 according to GOST 5150-69.


You can order the KZZ-80 shutoff protection valve for installation on the main pipeline or the bypass lines of the gas distribution station, to eliminate gas overflow.

The shutoff valve K33-80 is produced in several modifications. You can order protection equipment for pipelines of nominal diameter.

Technical Specifications KZZ-80 shutoff protection valve
Name of the main parameters KZZ-80-50.У1 KZZ-80-80.У1 KZZ-80-100.У1 KZZ-80-150.У1 KZZ-80-200.У1 КZZ -80-300 .У1
Nominal diameter DN, мм5080100150200300
Nominal pressure PN, кгс/см280
Type of connection to the gas pipelineFor the discharge gas vents - for the butt welding For the bypass lines - flanged according to GOST 12821-80
Overall dimensions:
Face-to-face length for but welding. mm350370370425450870
Maximum diameter, mm200327375400460595
Width with handle, В,mm385520520590650750
Weight, kg3090135190250