Gas pressure regulator RDS
Gas pressure regulator RDS

Gas pressure regulators of the RDS type are designed to reduce high input gas pressure and automatically maintain it at the set value.

RDS can be used as a reducer of the first stage in low consumption special gas distribution stations or as an independent device.

RDS reducers can have different ranges of input and output pressures to be agreed upon with the customer, allowing the most effective solution of the set parameters.


As an example, the special reduction unit is produced on the base of RDS 230-10 for the reduction of input pressure from 230…250 kgf/cm² to 35…40 kgf/cm².

The Ejector unit is produced on the base of RDS 100-10, where input pressure 55…100 kgf/cm² is reduced to the required range 12…30 kgf/cm².


The plant Kontakt LLC has developed designs and started production of the following reducers of RDS type:

  • RDS 230-10;
  • RDS 100-2;
  • RDS 100-6;
  • RDS 100-10;
  • RDS 63-10;
  • RDS 63-15;
  • RDS 16-15, etc,

where the first number is the input pressure, kgf/cm².

The second number is the nominal diameter in mm.



Technical Specifications of the RDS
Name of the main parameters Values
Input pressure, MPa10...23
Nominal diameter, mm10
Nominal pressure, MPa (kgf/cm²)23
Setting range of output pressure, MPa0,4...4,0
The temperature of the controlled medium, ºC from -40 to +60The temperature of the controlled medium, ºC from -40 to +60
Type of connection to the pipelineType of connection to the pipeline Weld-on nipples, coupling nuts
Weight, not more than in kg15,5