Big help for small CNG filling stations

In the context of the program on the implementation of automated gas distribution stations with a small capacity up to 2000 nm3/hour in Ukraine, the Kontact LLC took an active part in the production and installation of mini gas distribution stations. Already in October 2007, within the framework of the program, the own design and engineering department of the plant developed the model AGRSM-1500 “Donbass” in two modifications (1AGRSM-1500 and 2AGRSM-1500).

For launching in the production of new equipment, the entire range of organizational and preparatory work was performed including the registration of permits, staff training, production and launching of the testing and assembly equipment.

As a result, the Kontact LLC produces automatic and automated gas distribution stations of small capacity up to 2000 nm3 / hr, designed to supply medium pressure gas to the CNG filling stations.  For the convenience of service, their location is planned on the territory of the existing GDS.

Functional features of AGRSM-1500 gas distribution stations:

– Gas purification from mechanical and liquid impurities.

– Gas odorization in manual or automatic mode in proportion to the flow rate.

– Gas pressure reduction to the specified average value of 0.3 MPa to1.2 MPa.

– Measuring the energy resources flow with multi day recording.

– Registration of operating violations and sending of alarm signals to the operator.


1AGRSM-1500 differ from 2AGRSM-1500 in that they perform automatic control of the switching unit beside the above functions.

AGRSM are manufactured in three variants, on a frame, under a canopy and in a block box which protects the equipment from atmospheric influences.

Upon agreement with the customer, the equipment can be completed with the I&C system, which allows the equipment to be used for gas supply in small settlements.

The first models of gas distribution stations have already been installed and put into operation in the Zakarpattia region.

The Kontakt LLC invites cooperation from all those who are interested in the development in this direction.

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