Gas pressure regulator "before itself " RDDS
Gas pressure regulator "before itself " RDDS

The RDDS.M.12-10 pressure regulator is a direct acting “before itself” pressure regulator designed to maintain the gas pressure in the process gas pipeline at a level specified by the regulator within the limits of its technical specifications.

Regulators “before itself” due to their specificity are not widespread as “after itself” regulators, but going towards the consumers, the gas equipment plant, the LLC named “Kontact” develops and manufactures this type of product.

Development and production launch of a line of RDDS regulators with increased nominal diameter is underway.

Technical Specifications of the RDDS
Name of the main parameters Values
Nominal pressure, MPa (kgf/cm²)10
Setting pressure, MPа 0,1...1,2
Nominal diameter, mm10
Flow capacity factor, m3/hour0,63
Dimensional drawing with cross-sections of RDDS