Mining equipment

We manufacture parts, control units and stop valves for mining equipment.

The Kontakt LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant offers a wide range of equipment for operation in mining and industrial complexes including hydraulic systems.

We offer functional distributors RKM-03 and RKM-05 for control of working fluid supply in hydraulic systems. To complete the sections of the powered support of  KD80, KD90 and KD90T types, we manufacture several modifications of hydraulic jack advancing ram and hydraulic chucks.

We offer RKM-03 and RKM-05 functional distributors to control the supply of working fluid in hydraulic systems.

You can order from us the necessary shutoff and check valves for the lines of hydraulic systems:

  • Ball valve KSHKU-32 for pressure and drainage sections of the main pipeline.
  • Shutoff valve 3KD-90 for isolation of separate sections of the hydraulic network.
  • Check valve of the 1KD-80 control unit to prevent working medium flow in the opposite direction.

You can buy the lock and control units, valve and prop units from us to control the working fluid supply from the hydraulic unit, media flow distribution, fluid supply to the hydraulic jack and control the lift hydraulic jack operation.

You can order equipment for the mining plants of different modifications and with different types of complete sets.