The history of development and scientific cooperation of the Kontakt LLC plant

Business cooperation with enterprises and scientific research centers of the gas industry of Ukraine and the CIS countries has been an important line of activity of the Kontact LLC plant since its foundation in 1991.

In 1994, the Kontact LLC, Druzhkovksy gas equipment plant, closely cooperated with UkrNDIGas. The result of this cooperation was the launch of the production and sale of gas pressure regulators of the RDK type with lateral diaphragm positioning.

In a few months, the plant manufactured its first cleaning magnetic pistons for gas pipelines of DN 1000 mm, DN 1200 mm and DN 1400 mm diameters.


Kontakt LLC plant is rapidly expanding its range of products and the regions of export:

Products are supplied to all regions of Ukraine.

Partnerships are being established with UMG Kyivtransgas, Kharkivtransgas, Lvivtransgas, Cherkasytransgaz, Prykarpattransgaz and Donbastransgas.

The plant is actively exporting to Russia, Moldova, Georgia and other CIS countries.

Our official dealers become the Group of companies “Lex” LLC of Saratov city and the Oilpromsnab LLC of Minsk city.


The Kontact LLC, Druzhkovsky gas equipment plant, expands its partner network and improves its products. In 2002, a certified quality system that meets the International Standard ISO 9001: 2001 was already working at the enterprise.


Gas equipment of the plant undergoes the mandatory certification by UkrSEPRO and Tekhnoneftegaz, the Center for the State Standard of Russia.

Today the Kontact LLC maintains close partnership relations with UkrNIIGase research centers, VNIPITrangsas, Ukrproekt and other enterprises of the gas industry.

Products of the plant are regularly exhibited at regional and international exhibitions NEFTEGAZ EXPO and Oil & Gas.

The Kontact LLC plant is open to cooperation and partnership relations!

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