СХІD EXPO 2017 Exhibition, Kyiv-ЕКСПО

The UNDP in Ukraine conducted a large scale business conference and exhibition of products of enterprises of Donetsk and Luhansk regions called CXID EXPO 2017 in Kyiv on September 12th and 13th, 2017. The event took place on the basis of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, located at 33, Velyka Zhytomyrska Str., with the support of the governments of Poland and Japan.

The Kontakt LLC enterprise took an active part and presented small businesses of Druzhkivka in the area of industry.

The enterprise’s kiosks presented its mass-produced products and new developments of gas equipment.

Specialists of the Kontakt LLC had the opportunity to take part in discourse platforms and master classes.

The presentation of the enterprise was conducted in the innovative hour of the conference, where Evgeny Kostenko, the Head of the Scientific and Technical Information Department, told about the history, specifics and developments of the enterprise.

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