Oil and Gas 2016, the 19th International Forum. Neftegaz Expo 2016, the International Specialized Exhibition

In autumn 2016, Kontakt LLC took part in traditional industry exhibitions of the oil and gas industry.

The exposition of the enterprise included, first of all, new developments. One of the most demanded today is the shut-off valve of the KO type, which is designed to control the gas pressure at the gas distribution station by the upper and lower redistribution.

There were also presented low-consumption high pressure gas regulators designed to reduce gas pressure when operating as a part of the GDS pressure reduction unit. Their feature is the reduced nominal diameter of DN-15, which allows using them at a significant reduction of gas consumption at GDS in summer periods. Both direct flow design of RDU type and classical design of RDM type of pressure regulators have been developed.

Our plant is confidently moving towards the automation of gas transportation processes. A complex of automatic control of the gas reduction process, the electric drive unit of EPU-M5 type, equipped with industrial electronics manufactured by Systems LLC (Kharkiv), was presented at the exhibitions. EPU-M5 is designed to control a pressure reducer as a part of software and hardware complex for automatic regulation of gas pressure at GDS.

The latest modification of the automatic gas odorizing complex of the KSOG-3K type was also presented. Its main difference from the mass produced model is the use of a sensor panel of the control unit which provides the GDS operator with additional convenience in operation. The family of KCOG-3K odorizers is currently the most successful combination of a simple and understandable design, great functionality and reliability at a reasonable cost.

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